Intercontinental Aircraft Project

$400 pays for a pound.

Falcon 900 EX Video


Need To Have Avionics

Need To Have Avionics

Nice To Have Winglets

Nice To Have Winglets

FLCB Children's Project

$1500 underwrites 1 child.

FLCB Children's Project

Hangar Project

Senior Van Outreach Project

Branson HVAC Project

Sarasota Lobby / Chapel Project

FLCB HDTV Upgrade Project

Word Production Center


Sarasota Paid 'N' Full

Sarasota HD TV

Sarasota A/C

The Sarasota Air Conditioners project is complete.

Sound System

The Sound System project is complete.

LED Sign

The L E D project is complete.

Land To Expand

 The Land To Expand project is comlete.

Uttermost Witness (Rhema South Pacific Ship)

The Uttermost Witness project is complete.

Citation V

The Citation Five project is complete.

MXers For Jesus

The M Ex Ers For Jesus project is complete.

Paid 'N' Full (Falls Parkway Building)

The Paid And Full project is complete.


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